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The modern workspace, re-imagined.

While today's workday is ever-changing, traditional workspaces have remained largely unchanged. That’s where ZenSpace comes in. We specialize in tech-enabled solutions that revolutionize the way we work. Whether you are an individual seeking on-the-go workspaces, an employer looking to increase your team’s safety and productivity, or a brand seeking to elevate your guest’s experience - we have a solution to fit your every workspace need. 


On-demand workspaces. 

Anytime, anyplace.


Modern problems require modern solutions.

ZenSpace offers 3 core products, which can be purchased a la carte or combined to offer autonomous and monetizable workspace solutions, which we call the Smartpod™ or Smart Instant Lounges. 

Alcove Meeting Pods

On-demand meeting pods that create the optimal workspace anytime, anyplace. 

Meeting Room Marketplace
  • List, manage and monetize  meeting rooms

  • Integrate customized Outlook, G-suit plugins to elevate your customers, employees, and memebers experience.

Smart Kits
  • Modernize your meeting room and increase productivity through remote monitoring, secure access and enterpise connectivity


A game-changer, across industries. 

Travel & Hospitality

Renovate your hotel, airport, or convention center with custom-designed smartpods, instant lounges and customer loyalty programs built for your airline, credit card, and more.

Enterprise Work Spaces

Increase the productivity and satisfaction of your employees/guests by providing on-demand workspaces at home, the office and everywhere in between -- be it in your residential complex or commercial space.

Events & Conventions

Elevate your event experience by providing spaces that transform to fit your attendees' every need -- including smartpods, instant lounges, and white-label sponsorship packages.


2 Turn-Key Solutions

The Smartpod™

The Smartpod is world's first fully autonomous meeting and workspace, designed for highest degree of comfort, productivity and space utilization while providing an opportunity for space owners to generate revenue and enhance visitor experience in as little as 25 square feet


Double steel walls with sound insulation in between, laminated double pane glass and inner acoustic panels keep conversations within the pod and external noises out.

Ergonomics & Comfort

Durable, high-quality supportive foam seating and optimal table height enable long, comfortable work sessions.


Multiple colors, designs and features - including whiteboards, displays and power options - to fit your every workplace need.

Easy Set Up & Mobility

Modular design and wheels offer flexibility and larger models offer 2, 4, or 6 person configuration. Same-day assembly.


Comes equipped with whiteboard, power outlet and optional 2 USB ports, telephone interface, cable outlets and digital display.

Optimal Lighting & Airflow

Illumination in the pods follows the GSA’s recommendation for office spaces (500 lumens in 6’ x 6’ area). Constant air circulation keeps you feeling fresh and alert.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 7.06.49 PM.png
Instant Smart Lounges

A 500 square + foot custom solution that combines smart pods, technology, and other furnishings to create an instant, flexible coworking lounge. If you are looking to create a co-working space, a business center or a business lounge in your building's open space, here are some examples of turn-key ZenSpace SmartPod powered lounge configurations which can be set up in as little as 24 hours without the need for time-consuming construction, complex permits. Convert your lobby spaces into revenue-generating, business-class workspaces.


Elevate your brand

Offer individuals an unforgettable brand experience with custom pods in airports, convention centers and other high-traffic public venues.

Discover Branded Pods
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