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On-demand workspace

anytime, anyplace.

ZenSpace offers on-demand workspace solutions to cater to a new wave of remote workers.

Remote work just got a whole lot better.

ZenSpace has flexible and affordable plans that combine the comfort of home with the productivity of office and the flexibility of work from anywhere. 


Latest news & locations

ZenSpace opens new locations every 2 months

Our locations

Make your spaces smart & profitable.

Attract visitors 
Tap into the rising demand for on-demand workspaces and attract remote workers in your area.
Generate Revenue
Earn revenue through renting spaces by the hour, day or via subscriptions and employee credits
Secure Lock & Safety Features
Ensure safety and peace of mind with timed entry and secure access pin pads.
100% COVID 19 compliance
Ensure full COVID safety with social distance compliance and automated sanitation regime.
Smart Space Optimized
Take advantage of wifi hotspot, video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, integrated apps and more.
Remote Monitoring & Control
Monitor workspaces from afar with remote network admin dashboard.
Value Prop

Convert your airport, hotel or commercial space lobby into a revenue-generating workspace with smart workspace pods.


Convert your rooms or worskpace furniture into smart, reservable, safe spaces with smart kits.

List, rent and monetize your space to users. Manage it with remote monitoring.

List your space on the ZenSpace Marketplace to connect with remote-workers; rent by the hour or day; and manage bookings on our convenient online dashboard.
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Remote Monitoring Dashboard


User App


Network Administration Dashboard

Upgrade your spaces with our smart space kit and network administration.

Optimize your space with wifi hotspot, video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, and much more. Conveniently monitor and control spaces from afar with remote network administration,

Convert your space

and generate revenue with

on-demand smart workspaces.

Invest in remote-work amenities and delight your guests with a safe and productive space to host meetings, get work done, and make phone calls.

Remote workers: book a space anytime, anyplace.


Convenient Location

Users can search for nearby workspaces, by type, size and amenities.

Simple Booking

Users book spaces by the hour or day and manage reservations on the ZenSpace website, or mobile app.

Secure & COVID-proof

Users enjoy peace of mind with secure access to ensure safety and COVID compliance.


Users enjoy high-speed wifi , full sound insulation, video conferencing and much more.

Join the future of work and become a ZenSpace partner


Are you ready to shift to a remote workforce and offer your employees the very best in on-demand remote workspaces


Are you Interested in upgrading your pods, furniture or space solutions by integrating ZenSpace technology? 


Do you have a residential or commercial space you would like to  monetize through smart workspace solutions?


Are you interested in offering attendees a reservable space for networking, calls and relaxing, all while generating sponsorship opportunities?

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