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With the click of a button, find your very own private space

at your neighborhood mall in San Francisco Bay area.

Regain your flow, productivity and peace of mind

Find your zen

Escape all the noise and distractions of home and upgrade your productivity with  your own private ZenSpace pod. 

Work from anywhere

New ZenSpace locations open every two months, so your network of workspaces is ever-growing! 

All you need & more


State of the art lighting, connectivity, furniture and ad-ons ensure long and comfortable work sessions.

Easily book online

Conveniently book ahead of time using the ZenSpace mobile app, website or book on the spot using the space QR code.

Save big


Take advantage of our prepaid credit offers, and get your fully-equipped workspace for as little as $5 per hour. 

Family fun


Perfect for home-schooling, virtual classes, phone calls, or playing games while mom & dad work, shop or relax.


Your very own private space located in your favorite nearby mall.

surrounded by the best in food,  shopping, amenities, & more! 

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Book your next smart workspace

for as little as $5 

Locations in San Francisco Bay Area

We have new locations opening every two months, our network is ever-growing!