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Exciting on-boarding – Welcome Greg Holmes from Zoom – ZenSpace’s newest advisor and investor

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

It’s a moment of pride for us to welcome Greg Holmes as an investor and advisor at ZenSpace.

Greg was the head of worldwide sales at Zoom until recently (post IPO) and worked directly with Eric Yuan (CEO, Zoom). He helped Zoom grow from very nascent stage to a multi-billion dollar communication platform company. View official press release.

Greg joins a diverse and award-winning team at Zenspace - notably Raghu (board member), strategic advisors and investors, Jim Young (CEO of Realcomm), Bhupen Shah (Cofounder and CTO of award-winning Sling box), Eric Swildens (very success serial Entrepreneur and technologist, currently cofounder of Nimbella), Anshu Agarwal (CEO of Nimbella, a serverless cloud communications company), Reshma Hyder (Startup mentor, commercial real estate expert and technologist).

“Businesses of all sizes are poised to benefit from ZenSpace on-demand workspaces. The fact that ZenSpace workspaces can be setup for a small capital, quickly, in any location, whether it is an airport, shopping malls, or even sports stadiums is extremely valuable for enterprises of all sizes and their remote workers”, said Greg Holmes, former head of sales at Zoom.

To read more about Greg, you can find him on LinkedIn.

To learn more about investing in ZenSpace, check out our new StartEngine Campaign.

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