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Home: About Us

Are you making the most of your underutilized spaces?

That's where ZenSpace comes in.
Transform any space into a on-demand, smart workspace and attract new visitors.
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Transform your underutilized spaces with value-generating amenities

Attract visitors 
Tap into the rising demand for on-demand workspaces and offer your guests a much-needed quiet, on-demand workspace.
Generate Revenue
Earn revenue through renting spaces by the hour, day or via subscriptions and employee credits
Secure Lock & Safety Features
Ensure safety and peace of mind with timed entry and secure access pin pads.
Optimize Space
Convert empty lobbies, hallways and spaces into value-adding premium workspaces and lounges.
Smart Space Optimized
Take advantage of wifi hotspot, video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, integrated apps and more.
List, Rent & Monitor Remotely
Monitor workspaces from afar with remote network admin dashboard.
Kit: Features

Tap into a new wave of remote workers.

Why is ZenSpace so popular amongst remoter workers? Our spaces the comfort of home with the productivity of office and the flexibility of work from anywhere. 

Alcove Pods

Optimal for open layout offices, residences and private spaces.

Noise Reducing


Power / USB Ports

LED lighting

Air Circulation

Comfortable Seating

Touch Screen display for apps

Smart Lock Secure Access

Phone / Video Conferencing

Wireless Screen Casting

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MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png
Instant Business Lounge

Optimal for 500+ square feet public and private spaces like airports, and shopping malls.

Smart Tools & Integrated Apps

Touch Screen display for apps

Smart Lock Secure Access

Phone / Video Conferencing

LED TV & Wireless Screencasting


Soft Furnishings

Highspeed WiFi

Power / USB Ports

Cloud Management

Office Supplies

Office & Printing Facilities

Provide guests with printers, paper, pens, whiteboards and more! 

Host screenings and share  presentations on high-def TV
Smart Tools & Apps

Optimize lounge with apps for workspace productivity and remote management

Access Control Hardware

Revitalize your vacant in line space and transform it into a revenue-generating Zen Room or Lounge

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Upgrading your space has never been easier

Save Time & Money

ZenSpace workspaces are 100% hassle-free and inexpensive compared to construction
Customize Workspace

Co-create your perfect workspace with a selection of à la carte furnishings and amenities 
Sign Purchase Agreement

Alongside ZenSpace, agree on and sign a simple purchase agreement and or revenue sharing contract.
Instant Set-Up

Enjoy easy same-week installment: no construction, building permits or major renovations required.

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