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Our new Start Engine campaign is LIVE - invest in the future of work now!

These last months have been nose to the grindstone at ZenSpace. We have been busy securing new partnerships, building-out our new locations and launching our first co-working lounge and conference rooms. The last 3 months have been pivotal for our growth, and we are growing more than we had ever expected.

To showcase some of our latest achievements, we have done a complete overhaul of our ZenSpaceStartEngine landing page. Here is just a sneak peak of the updates you will see there:

  • Location Openings: In the last 90 days we have opened 6 new locations across the San Francisco Bay Area, partnering with top real estate providers including Westfield, Brookfield, Simon Group, JLL and Hyatt hotels. Some shots of our construction in progress:

  • New Offerings & Expansion: We have expanded our business to include on-demand coworking lounges and conference rooms as well as pay-as-you-go and a $190-$249 monthly subscription plan to all of our locations.

  • Soaring Market Demand: Remote work is here to stay. Covid has shaken up a multi-trillion dollar market and studies have predicted that this shift will give an unprecedented rise to the flexible workspace industry which is a 26billion dollar market today, growing at 15% annually pre-pandemic.

  • Unique, Scalable Decentralized Model: ZenSpace revitalizes underutilized commercial spaces by profit-sharing with real estate providers, forging a revolutionary low CAPEX, low OPEX, hyper-scalable model that has the potential to outperform all existing traditional flexible workspace models.

Read more on our brand new ZenSpace StartEngine landing page.

More updates to follow! ZenSpace team

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