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The Aha! Moment

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions and that’s exactly how ZenSpace came into existence.

In the beginning…

It was April 2017. Mayank Agrawal had recently left a successful career path in engineering and sales to pursue his dream of starting his own company. He had a product concept and was in the process of developing a business plan with several colleagues, meeting wherever and whenever they could to work on the plan. There was one nagging problem – finding a quiet, private place to meet so they could focus on their plans. As any road warrior or remote worker knows, working out of busy public spaces is rarely fun or particularly practical. Between getting ear aches from noise-canceling headphones, begging baristas to keep an eye out on his laptop while he dashed to the bathroom or simply concentrating in a busy, noisy setting, making progress was challenging.

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