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Finding Your Zen In A Noisy World

In today’s busy world, work is no longer confined to the traditional office. On the go professionals are working anytime, anyplace. Companies like Regus and WeWork have pioneered the Space as a Service industry by creating co-working spaces where entrepreneurs and small business share office space. Digital nomads roam the world, getting down to work in coffee shops, libraries, airports, or anywhere they can find wifi and a little free space.

The downside to all this is that the world is noisy and chaotic. Finding a quiet, calm place to meet a client, make a phone call, or just concentrate on work is hard. Co-op workspaces and open-layout offices are full of distractions, as are the public places where traveling professionals conduct business.

In this video, Mayank Agrawal, CEO of ZenSpace, discusses the challenges of finding your zen in a noisy world. Here you’ll discover the three pillars on which ZenSpace is built: the Space as a Service model of WeWork, the on-demand availability of Uber, and the consistency of experience of Starbucks.Watch nowto learn how ZenSpace combines these three concepts with sleek office pods and IoT technology to transform underutilized public spaces and noisy open offices into tranquil, zen-like work-spaces.

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