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How Event Planners Are Using SmartPods To Revolutionize The Way Attendees Do Business

Let’s face it, planning an event is exhausting. You’ve poured months into planning this. You pored over every painstaking detail, to bring aboard the most noteworthy speakers, design killer workshops, and to ensure your guests have the best experience possible.

But sometimes, despite all the hard work and effort, it still seems like there’s something missing. It’s the never-ending code you’re trying to crack: How can you take your event to the next level? 

Do your attendees step out of your show floor to conduct business? 

If so, you’re about to find out how to take your event to the next level.

Below, we’ll dive into how event planners are embracing the latest technology and innovation of SmartPods, to:

  • Give their attendees a quiet, private place to network and work.

  • Route a new stream of revenue for their events from sponsors. 

  • Bring the overall design and functionality of the event to the next level.

ZenSpace SmartPods are one-of-a-kind modular workspaces that accomplish all of the above for event planners and get people talking about the brilliant new tech space they worked or met in at your event. 

Below we’re going to take a deep dive into 3 ways event planners are using this new invention to bring their event to the next level and earn more revenue. But first, what problem are they trying to solve to begin with?

Attendees Are Desperate For A Better Way To Meet & Network

Naturally, most people go to events to meet people and network, face to face. 

According to this Oxford Economics Study:

  • Companies invest over $30 billion each year in the face to face communication at events.

  • 41% of professionals believe f2f marketing at business events is the most effective way to find customers.

  • 91% went to their chosen event to meet and network: 

  • 48% said they went to build rapport with vendors, while 43% wanted to meet with prospects.

Meeting with people face to face is clearly important! But what are the enemies of successful meeting and networking? 

  • Noise. 

  • Lack of privacy. 

  • Fatigue and lack of focus (thanks to the noise, bustle, overload of information, etc.)

  • Lack of technology when you’re standing in the showroom or conference hall chatting. 

Attendees tend to get tired, mentally and physically. Think about it. They probably flew to get there. They’re taking in tons of new information. Networking like crazy. 

They’re jet-lagged, overloaded with info, tired, pulled in a million directions, having trouble hearing and focusing on the person they desperately need to build rapport with — but they still have to do their job. 

What if you could save the day by waving a wand to make all those problems disappear? Well.

Let’s talk about that. 

Meet with people and build rapport, earn new business, make new contacts, strategic partnerships etc.

The SmartPod: A Better Way to Meet & Network At Events

There’s no magic wand, but there are spaces you can provide; workspaces, that make all of those f2f meetings and networking problems disappear. (Not to mention making your problem of driving more revenue disappear — more on that soon.)  

ZenSpace SmartPods give your attendees exactly what they need:

  • A private, quiet, comfortable space to meet, present, sell, build rapport; work.

  • A lounge that comfortably seats up to four people.

  • A quality experience, with controllable LED lighting, air circulation and secure access lock for complete privacy.

  • On-demand selection and scheduling there at the pod, or via smartphone app.

  • Complete access to technology; Wi-fi connectivity, USB and charging ports, and presentation capabilities.

This meeting pod also gives you what you need as an event organizer:

  • More productive (and happier) attendees, who thrive in their functional meeting spaces.

  • Branding opportunities and sponsor marketing needs, to increase event revenue.

  • More attendees staying in the convention center to do business instead of going outside of it. 

These SmartPods can be used to conduct meetings, host video calls, share presentations and more. Whether attendees are trying to earn a sale or a new strategic partnership, our SmartPods are the perfect space to do it. 

And reserving a pod is simple and straightforward. All attendees have to do is reserve a time slot via our app, website, or one of the kiosks (we provide) at your event. Easy peasy.

Final Thoughts (On Event Revenue)

So you’re probably thinking, sure... this sounds like a great idea, but how much will something like this cost me? Here’s the crazy thing: SmartPods are typically used to create a new stream of revenue for the event. With our meeting spaces come many opportunities for physical and digital branding — lucrative sponsorship opportunities for your event or business!

Another challenge you’ve likely faced is how to keep your attendees at the venue for longer. If your event is an exhibition or trade show, you essentially lose money when people leave. With SmartPods, attendees can have a meeting or catch up on work, while staying within the venue. With these portable meeting pods, your attendees will stay much longer. A better experience for them, more revenue for you. Win win.

So there you have it! As you can see, adding ZenSpace SmartPods to your next event solves not only your attendees’ biggest problems, but yours as well. 

If you want to take your event to the next level with ZenSpace SmartPods, you can learn more here.

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