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Event Planning: The Rising Demand For Premium Networking Experiences

In our digital world, live events provide attendees with an increasingly scarce opportunity to make in-person connections. Both the millennial and Gen Z generations heavily value face to face meetings, just like previous generations.

Your event attendees are there to meet people. To network, share ideas, learn, sell, make valuable connections, etc. Their problem? Finding a good place to do that at a noisy, crowded event. 

Ideally, they’d like a quiet, private, comfortable place to meet that gives them a premium experience. 

The better you make that experience, the more attractive your event will be and the more revenue you can earn from it. 

Let’s dive into the details.

The Rising Demand For Premium Networking Experiences 

Most professionals are looking for a balanced blend of business and pleasure, with a heaping side of networking practicality.

Are you familiar with the term “bleisure?” It’s business meets leisure, and a huge portion of today’s business men and women are on the hunt for it. Bleisure trips are up 20% according to Forbes, now accounting for 60% of all U.S. business trips. 

More than ever, business professionals are searching for premium experiences on their business trips. In fact, a recent Experience Institute study shows that 78% of people select an event based on the destination. These people are wondering “will I like the place the event is at? Do I care about the amenities? Will it be enjoyable, pleasant, luxurious, aesthetically pleasing?”

They want a premium, one of a kind experience, and that’s not all. In the same study we find that 76% of people select an event for its networking capabilities. They’re wondering, “how easy will it be to meet the right people and get to know them? What’s the best place to sit down and have a good chat with a potential strategic partner or client?”

So people have clearly revealed the need for premium networking experiences. But how do you meet this demand?

Meet The Demand For Premium Networking With SmartPods

The demand for premium networking experiences requires action on your part. If attendees need a comfortable place to network at your event, and you can make more money by providing them, why not give them those places to network?

If they want more premium experiences, and it earns you more money, it makes sense to give them those premium experiences! And how, you ask? Enter the ZenSpace SmartPod.

The SmartPod gives your attendees the premium experience they’re asking for:

  • A private, quiet, comfortable and top quality space to meet.

  • A lounge that comfortably seats up to four people.

  • An overall luxurious experience, with controllable LED lighting, air circulation and a secure access lock for complete privacy.

  • On-demand selection and scheduling each meeting pod via smartphone app.

  • Freedom to fully wield technology, with Wi-fi connectivity, USB and charging ports, and presentation capabilities.

This meeting pod also gives you what you need as an event organizer:

  • More attendees, who choose your event because it appeals to the bleisure-like needs of Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z alike. 

  • Happier attendees who enjoy the much more attractive and functional meeting spaces.

  • Branding opportunities and sponsor marketing needs, to increase event revenue.

Selecting the right venue is just one piece of the puzzle. Working with your space and creating an environment guests will love is key. 

According to the New York Times, events are rapidly evolving:

Business conferences and events are changing, and traditional meeting destinations are changing along with them. 

“People want to have some fun,” Mr. Faure said. “They want to meet in nice settings.”

They talk about getting left behind as the event industry evolves to meet new demands for bleisure and premium experiences. 

But your event planning won’t get left behind with our SmartPods. With these top of the line meeting spaces, you can take your event to the next level and give your guests what they want.

Final Thoughts (On Sponsors & Event Revenue)

Now you have a solution. Providing a custom experience is easier than ever with our ZenSpace SmartPods. You can transform your venue into a luxury business lounge in no time. You don’t need to bring in a demo crew, or apply for a building permit — installation is easy, and it takes less than 24 hours.

Plus, attendees aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit. Organizers and sponsors will too. With our SmartPods there are some great opportunities to earn more revenue and increase brand awareness for sponsors. It’s a fantastic win-win, all around. So what are you waiting for? Check out our event solutions to learn more.

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