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5 Reasons To Be Excited About The Future Of Work - ZenSpace

We are entering a big year of growth at ZenSpace ⁠— marked by world-class clients, new strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge product launches. To give you a small taste of what is coming down the pipeline, here are 5 things we are excited about:

  1. We have 4 new products — our Alcove Pods, Instant Business Lounge, and Tech Kits - which are seeing tremendous support from the market.

  2. In response to COVID, we have developed SafeSpaces which combine SmartPod™ technology with a strict sanitization protocol to provide safe, productive and COVID-compliant spaces.

  3. Our markets are growing: In the last twelve months we have co-created solutions with Airports, Hotels (Hyatt Regency) Shopping Malls (URW) and Convention centers (SandsExpo and LVCC) to name a few!

  4. Our solutions cater to remote work, which was already on the rise, with over 26M remote workers in the US, but the pandemic will be accelerating that growth.

  5. We have a dual-sided marketplace that provides revenue-generating solutions for real estate owners while offering remote workers a consistent, peaceful work environment.

And so much more!

If you want to find out more about ZenSpace, invest in our growth or help shape the future of work -check out our StartEngine Campaign! You can also follow our growth on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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