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Make your meeting rooms smart & productive

We offer turn-key meeting room solutions for your every office need. Offering your users a wireless, tech-enabled experience to increase productivity, collaboration and automation. 

Mix & match features to meet your every office need

Smart meeting room features:

  • Wireless hotspot and managed wifi 

  • Wireless screencasting for Android, Apple and Windows devices

  • Digital whiteboarding for visual collaboration

  • Camera and AI vision processing for object/human detection

  • Climate control for temperature and humidity

  • Smart lighting sensors and controls

  • Smart tint privacy windows

  • and more!

Post Pandemic Safety Measures

ZenSpace offers a safe and productive workspace when you need it most.

Use technology to schedule and track meeting room-use; monitor cleanliness and notify cleaning staff; control climate and air filtration; provide telehealth consultation; and offer mindfulness apps and a comfortable space for users to relax.

Kit: For Providers
Kit: Feature Specs

Features & Specs

Wireless Screencasting

Seamless wireless casting of Android, Apple and Windows devices on a large touch screen avoiding the hastle of different connectors and cables.

Digital Whiteboarding

Screen transforms into a digital whiteboard for cross-party brain-storming sessions which can be held in-person or remotely.

Smart Window Tint

Smart Glass panes can be adjusted for transparency or opacity to provide partial or full privacy - allowing you to conduct confidential meetings with ease. 

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting finetunes the color, intensity and hues of your lighting using a handy smart touch display. The lights also provide visual indicators for when meeting rooms are available for use, currently in use or to signify the the scheduled end of the meeting. 

Wireless Secure Hotspot


Managed wifi for space providers gives you the freedom to limit utilization and offer pay-per-hour rates; connect to your enterprise grade network; and offer your users a high speed secure internet connection. 

Smart Detection

Enabled by a dome camera and AI vision processing, smart detection allows space providers to detect human presence  and foreign objects in a workspace. Thereby recording and monitoring lost and found objects, utilization metrics, and overall space cleanliness.

Climate Control 


Remotely monitor temperature, humidity and control air filter fans to find optimal climate for comfortable work sessions.

Additional Software Applications

Synch your smart meeting room to countless productivity apps: ranging from video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Skype; to telehealth and mindfulness apps such a Teledoc and Calm. Transform your space based on your every meeting room need. 

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