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ZenSpace and Hyatt Regency Santa Clara partner to launch SafeSpaces COVID 19 workspace solutions

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

ZenSpace, pioneer of the on-demand, flexible, technology-enabled meeting space, announced today it has partnered with Hyatt Regency Santa Clara to launch its innovative SafeSpace™, a fully automated, quiet, reservable workspace designed with safety and cleanliness in mind. The SafeSpace is designed in response to Covid-19, combining ZenSpace SmartPod™ cloud technology and strict sanitization protocols to offer guests a space in which they can conduct business in safety and with peace of mind. This marks the first launch of this unique solution in the hotel industry.

“ZenSpace was created as a solution for the mobile business professional in need of a quiet, private, reservable space to conduct business while away from the office. There is no greater need for this than in the hotel industry,” said Mayank Agrawal, founder, and CEO of ZenSpace. “We designed SafeSpaces to address Covid-19 concerns related to cleanliness and sanitization, and we have adapted our software and protocols to ensure that every person who steps into a SafeSpace is entering a space that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to provide a safe environment in which to hold small meetings, video conference calls or conduct other business.”

The ZenSpace SmartPod represents the future of work, facilitating workspace, business meetings and conversations wherever and whenever they need to happen. A wide array of features makes it state-of-the-art for use in public spaces such as hotels, providing a modern workspace for today’s business traveler. Key features include: • Noise-reducing wall and insulation structure, with double-tempered, laminated glass. • A mobile and web application that enables hotel guests and visitors to reserve time in a SafePod. • Fully tech-enabled space, including WiFi, power and USB ports, 32” touch-screen HD video monitor with wireless screen-casting. • Environmental controls for LED lighting, air circulation, and secure access locking system. • SafePods couple ZenSpace cloud-based communication technology which notifies staff of pod usage and reservation completion with a rigorous set of cleaning and sanitization protocols to ensure every user enters a clean, safe environment. More details regarding SafePods may be found via this link. • View the ZenSpace SmartPod video to learn more

“As a premier business travel hotel in the heart of Silicon Valley, Hyatt Regency Santa Clara is keenly aware of the needs and concerns of our visitors and guests, which is why we have adopted many features and services within our property to ensure their safety and comfort,” said Eron Hodges, General Manager of the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. “We are pleased to partner with ZenSpace to provide this innovative solution for our many guests who are looking for a safe, quiet space they can reserve for conducting their business. The SafeSpace from ZenSpace aligns perfectly with our efforts to support the needs of traveling businesspeople and remote workers by offering them additional workspace when away from home, their guest room, or the office.”

“Hyatt Is a leader and innovator in business travel hospitality,” Agrawal stated. “We look forward to bringing our unique workspace solution to their guests and visitors, and helping Hyatt unlock the potential of people and places in their hotel property.”

About ZenSpace

ZenSpace is on a mission to unlock the potential of people and places. As the industry pioneer in fully automated, technology-enabled meeting spaces for on-the-go business people, we are the first company to combine a technology platform, mobile app, and convenient meeting pods to create a “smart pod” - a highly flexible, on-demand system and tech-enabled space for conducting business and/or private meetings. Our SmartPods provide a private, quiet, tech-enabled oasis of calm for the business-person in need while helping public space venues activate and monetize underutilized real estate on their property. ZenSpace provides solutions to the following sectors: public spaces (hotels, convention centers, malls, airports), the events industry, and office spaces. We believe in today’s hectic world we could all use a little Zen. ZenSpace is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with an office in Las Vegas, NV and teams in India. View our ZenSpace overview video.

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