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Future-proof your residence with on-demand workspaces.

Introduce work from home amenities into your residential complex to drive revenue, attract new residents and increase property value.

Upgrade your residence with turnkey workspace solutions 

Work from home

is here to stay

Delight your residents with safe and productive workspaces in the comfort of their home.  

Increase Revenue 

& property value


Generate daily revenue through Smartpod bookings,  attract new residents and increase property value. 

100% Hassle Free 

& Affordable Set-Up


Convert underutilized large spaces into value-adding business lounges at a fraction of the cost with zero construction.


Delight your residents

& attract new ones.

74% of companies expect their employees to continue working remotely after the pandemic, which has residents demanding safe and productive workspace amenities.


Earn immediate revenue from workspace bookings

Drive revenue with workspace bookings by the hour, day or monthly subscriptions. Or, offer workspaces as a free amenity, and see returns in rent and occupancy rates.


Increase property value 

The most important figure when calculating return on investment net operating income (NOI) which considers entire profitability of property and amenities. 

Delight your residents with all they need and more

Give your residents a comfortable and productive to make phone calls, catch up on emails or simply unwind. 

The SmartPod™

Noise Reducing


Power / USB Ports

LED lighting

Air Circulation


Comfortable Seating

Touch Screen display for apps

Smart Lock Secure Access

Phone / Video Conferencing

Wireless Screen Casting

On-Demand Booking

Users can reserve workspaces at public venues remotely from their computers, mobile phones and onsite at the locations with our digital kiosks

Secure Access 

Smart access allows for fully-automated entry and exit for guests - no concierge needed - in a space where they feel safe and at home.

Modern solutions for the modern residence


SmartPods for Open Spaces 

Transform any underutilized space into a fully-equipped, on-demand, smart workspace or lounge to generate new business. SmartPods are turnkey workspaces that provide residents with all they need to thrive in the 'work from home' era.


Solutions for Existing Rooms

Use ZenSpace platform to list, manage and/or monetize rooms so that your residents can book a workspace with ease. Moreover, modernize your meeting room through remote monitoring, secure access, and other features from our Smart Room Kit.

For residents: Work from home has never been more practical


Book rooms by the hour(s) or day(s) by using the ZenSpace website, mobile app or kiosks.


Use web dashboard and app to book, manage reservations and see past reservations.


Pay with subscriptions, credits provided by employers, reward points and free reservations.

Customize Add-ons

Add additional services such as video conferencing, printing services, coffee purchases, wellness and more

Get ahead of the curve with COVID 19 safety measures

Use technology to schedule and track workspace-use; monitor cleanliness and notify cleaning staff; control climate and air filtration; provide telehealth consultation; and offer mindfulness apps and a comfortable space for users to relax.

KIT: For Users

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