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Get ahead of the curve and future proof your next event with ZenSpace!

In the face of extraordinary global circumstances, the event landscape is fundamentally changing. Social distancing protocols have added a new layer of complexity to event planning and event organizers are rising to the challenge by going virtual or postponing their events into the future.

As an active member of the events industry, we see first hand how these challenges are impacting our business and that of our clients. Which is why, we at ZenSpace, want do our part to help you succeed. We have devised 4 post-pandemic event solutions and offers to ensure the success of your next event.

  1. Pod Rental & Rescheduling: With ever-changing social distancing protocols, we know event dates may change. Don’t worry, reserve now, and take advantage of multiple rescheduling on us!

  2. Pod Purchase with Warehousing: Eliminate the hassle of storing extra inventory between your events. Take advantage of our pre and post event warehousing services and we will store it for you!

  3. Meeting Room Scheduling & Management Kit: Use ZenSpace’s cloud-based platform to schedule and track meeting room-use; monitor cleanliness and notify cleaning staff; and offer your guests peace of mind. Read more

  4. Instant Business Lounge: Customize your ideal business lounge - complete with smartpods, furniture, wifi, amenities and more - at a fraction of a cost! Read more

Have an event coming up for summer 2020 or beyond? Check out our Events Solutions Page or give us a shout and we can brainstorm solutions. Let's band-together to support one another in these unprecedented times.

ZenSpace Team

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