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Transform your space, transform your business.

Retrofit any 500+ square feet space into a fully-equipped, on-demand, smart business lounge and generate new business today.

Turn underutilized space into a valuable revenue stream

Optimize Space

Convert empty lobbies, hallways and large spaces into value-adding premium business lounges.

Delight Guests

Offer your guests a much-needed quiet, on-demand workspace conveniently accessible in your space.

Generate Revenue


Add scheduling and monetization of meeting pods to increase and diversify your revenue streams.

A custom fit 500 square feet + solution.


Zenspace retrofits underutilized space in your venue - converting a lobby, hallway or open space into a profitable coworking space

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A smart business lounge, in an instant.

ZenSpace smart business lounges come complete with SmartPods, soft furnishings, and autonomous reservation kiosks. Invite your guests to be productive and comfortable with high-end amenities such as printers facilities, coffee machines, productivity apps, and more. 

Delight your guests with all they need and more.


Elevate your visitor's experience with a comfortable and productive to make phone calls, catch up on emails or simply unwind. 

The SmartPod™

Noise Reducing


Power / USB Ports

LED lighting

Air Circulation


Comfortable Seating

Touch Screen display for apps

Smart Lock Secure Access

Phone / Video Conferencing

Wireless Screen Casting

On-Demand Booking

Users can reserve workspaces at public venues remotely from their computers, mobile phones and onsite at the locations with our digital kiosks

Secure Turnstyle Access 

Turnstyle access allows for fully-automated entry and exit for guests in a space where they feel safe.

Mix & Match Amenities


Elevate your space with custom amenities to ensure long and comfortable work and leisure sessions for your guests.

noun_round table_79451.png
Flexible Open Seating

Make guests at home with moveable sofas, chairs and tables

Delight your guests with coffee, water and other optional snacks 
Highspeed Wifi


Connect guests to enterprise grade secure wireless internet

Office & Printing Facilities

Provide guests with printers, paper, pens, whiteboards and more! 

Host screenings and share  presentations on high-def TV
Cloud Workspace Management

Empower guests with a fully digital experience for booking & reservations

Smart Tools & Apps

Optimize lounge with apps for workspace productivity and remote management

Get ahead of the curve with post-pandemic safety measures

ZenSpace offers a safe and productive workspace when you need it most.

Use technology to schedule and track workspace-use; monitor cleanliness and notify cleaning staff; control climate and air filtration; provide telehealth consultation; and offer mindfulness apps and a comfortable space for users to relax.

KIT: For Users

For space providers: Upgrading your space has never been easier

Save Time & Money

ZenSpace work lounge is 100% hassle-free and inexpensive compared to construction
Customize Lounge

Co-create your perfect business lounge with a selection of à la carte furnishings and amenities 
Sign Purchase Agreement

Alongside ZenSpace, agree on and sign a simple purchase agreement
Instant Set-Up

Enjoy easy same-week installment: no construction, building permits or major renovations required.


For guests: Working on-the-go has never been so convenient


Search for the perfect meeting space based on geographical location, type, size and amenities.


Pay with subscriptions, credits provided by employers, reward points and free reservations.


Book rooms by the hour(s) or day(s) by using the ZenSpace website, mobile app or kiosks.


Use web dashboard and app to book, manage reservations and see past reservations.

Synch & Share

Add meetings to your calendar and share with others - using integrated plugins like Outlook and Gmail.

Customize Add-ons

Add additional services such as video conferencing, printing services, coffee purchases, wellness and more


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