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Introducing ZenSpace



SafeSpaces combine SmartPod™ technology with strict sanitization protocol to offer users safe and productive workspaces.

A safe space, when and where you need it most. 

ZenSpace offers on-demand SafeSpaces in a variety of contexts including offices, homes, and commercial spaces.

In Office

Optimize your existing open office with a private, safe and productive work space. 

In Residence


Offer on-demand, distraction-free workspaces in residential complexes for employees working from home.

Commercial Spaces


Offer safe and convenient workspaces in commercial spaces such as shopping malls and residences.

Get ahead of the curve with post-pandemic safety measures

ZenSpace offers a safe and productive workspace when you need it most.

Use technology to schedule and track meeting room-use; monitor cleanliness and notify cleaning staff; control climate and air filtration; provide telehealth consultation; and offer mindfulness apps and a comfortable space for users to relax.


Give users peace of mind with

easy booking & secure access 

Online Reservation

Conveniently book SafeSpace ahead of time using ZenSpace web and mobile apps.

Safe Status

Check pod safe status to ensure pod is sanitized and ready for use.

Secure Access

Simply enter your 4-digit key to access the pod for the time allocated.

Automated cleaning management

for efficient pod sanitization

Safe Status

Once the SafePod is fully sanitized according to protocol, the pod status is changed to ‘safe’.

30 Minute Cleaning Window

ZenSpace reserves the pod for cleaning staff to clean 30 minutes before and after each use.

SMS Notifications

Once a user exits the pod, ZenSpace software notifies cleaning staff to clean pod using SMS notification.

COVID-compliant safety equipment, training & support included
Cleaning Kit

ZenSpace supplies and replenishes disinfecting wipes, gloves, sprays and vacuums.


Sanitation Protocol

ZenSpace provides cleaning staff with comprehensive sanitation protocol.

Training & Personel

ZenSpace works with venues to train cleaning staff. For events, ZenSpace offers cleaning staff.

Want to know more? Download our SafeSpace™ brochure 

Click here to download your brochure

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