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Elevate your attendee experience and generate revenue through sponsorship.

Provide a private, quiet, tech-enabled oasis for guests and a valuable brand opportunity for your sponsors.

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Delight Attendees

Offer your guests a much-needed quiet, on-demand workspace at your next event or convention.

Generate Revenue


Create a one-of-a-kind, experiential brand opportunity with sponsored SmartPods.

Fully Custom

Choose from SmartPods, furnishings, digital banners, landing pages, live product demos and more!


​A private space for attendees to network, share presentations, and unwind. Great for sponsorship or product demos. 


Noise Reducing

Power / USB Ports

Comfortable Seating 

Hosts 1-6 people

Easy Delivery & Assembly on us


Smart Scheduling Kit


ZenSpace's scheduling kit allows you to manage, schedule, and book your event spaces with ease to offer your guests convenient and safe space reservations. 


QR Coder for access

Custom & sponsor-able landing page for booking

SmartPod Options

Add amenities & customize your business lounge

Transform and customize any 500+ square feet space at your event by combining SmartPods, touch screen reservation kiosks, soft furnishings and amenities.  Allow guests to reserve lounge spaces with Lounge Access Pass. 

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Flexible furnishings

Access pass

Highspeed Wifi


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Mark Mulligan

“ZenSpace pods at IMEX really addressed a need for our attendees.In a bustling trade show environment, it is often difficult to find somewhere to get some peace and quiet for that important conversation or phone call. For the first time we’ve been able to offer a solution that is convenient, comfortable, quiet, and crucially does not require attendees to leave the show floor. The product is sleek looking and has sponsorship potential due to the high demand for Zen time during the show. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with the team at Zen Space.”

Director of Operations, IMEX Group

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"ZenSpace provided a unique opportunity for attendees and exhibitors to take private meetings or to simply find a quiet place to catch up on work, without having to leave the convention center. ​

This is not only valuable for attendees and exhibitors alike, it is valuable to the show organizer as it keeps your attendees from leaving the convention center preventing loss of traffic in sessions or on the show floor."

Scott Craighead

Vice President of Exhibitions and Events - International Association of Exhibitions and Events - IAEE

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