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Get back to the office with safe, productive & 

future-proof workspaces.


COVID 19 will forever change the landscape of enterprises. Get ahead of the curve and transform your business with safe, productive, on-demand workspaces – when and where your employees and customers need them most.  

The modern workday. Anytime, anyplace.

ZenSpace offers custom solutions for on-demand workspaces in a variety of contexts including office spaces, homes and satelite offices.

In Office

Smartpods can optimize any existing open office with a private, soundproof and comfortable meeting space. 

At Home​


Create on-demand, quiet workspaces for employees working from home.

Satellite Spaces


Offer convenient, on-demand workspaces in commercial spaces such as shopping malls and residences.

ZenSpace gets you back to work. Safe and Productively.

When compared to working from home or returning to the office, ZenSpace offers critical advantages and solutions to help ease the transition.

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For Employers & Coworking Spaces

Interested in on-demand productive and safe workspace solutions to empower your employees to thrive?

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For Commercial Building Operators

Do you have a space you would like to optimize and monetize through smart workspace solutions?

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Expand your working space with on-demand satellite offices
  • Set up a new satellite office at a fraction of the cost compared to a new building lease

  • Choose a location convenient to your employees

  • Purchase bulk subscriptions and credits for your employees and members

  • Distribute and manage credit to your employees and members

  • Update and manage payment methods

  • View transaction history 

  • Work with customer support to any specifically tailored solutions

Make your existing meeting rooms safe & productive


Convert your existing meeting rooms to a wirefree and clutter free digital experience by adding ZenSpace Smart Meeting Room Kit (SmartKit™) Add ZenSpace scheduling display and schedule on-demand or remotely with integrated Outlook/Gsuite solution.

Add private and quiet meeting & workspaces in your office or at home

Alcove meeting pods are modular, fully compliant, cost effective and classy designs

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