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Unforgettable brand experiences
by ZenSpace BRAND

Give your customer base an unforgettable brand moment in their favorite public space at an airport, shopping mall, event or more.

What is ZenSpace?


On-demand workspaces. Anytime, anyplace.


Workspaces Everywhere

Search for nearby workspaces, by type, size and amenities. Choose from Zen pods, rooms and lounges.

Secure & COVID-proof

Enjoy peace of mind with secure access to ensure safety and COVID compliance.

Simple Online Booking

Book spaces by the hour or day and manage reservations on the ZenSpace website, or mobile app.


Enjoy high-speed wifi , full sound insulation, video conferencing and much more.

Why ZenSpace Brand?

Interactive Experience
Delight your customer base with a memorable and best in class brand experience 
Digital Campaigns & Product Demos
Forget about passive ads! Spice your brand up with a combination of 2D, 3D, and digital ads as well as live product demos!
Custom SmartLounge
Pick and choose from SmartPods, vinyls, digital banners, furnishing, landing pages and more!
Kit: Features
High visibility & audience tailoring
Find your customer base in prime public spaces at events, shopping malls, airports, and more.

Bring your customer-base the ultimate brand experience in a public space

Smart Tools & Integrated Apps

Touch Screen display for apps

Smart Lock Secure Access

Phone / Video Conferencing

LED TV & Wireless Screencasting


Soft Furnishings

Highspeed WiFi

Power / USB Ports

Cloud Management

Office Supplies

Customize your brand experience end-to-end

Office & Printing Facilities

Provide guests with printers, paper, pens, whiteboards and more! 

Host screenings and share  presentations on high-def TV
Smart Tools & Apps

Optimize lounge with apps for workspace productivity and remote management

Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 3.49.51 PM.png

Brand experiences made easy: go live in 3 easy steps

Customize Ad Package
Design brand experience: SmartPods, Smart lounges, landing pages & more!
Select Audience & Location
ZenSpace and brand collaborate to select popular location based on geography, target demographic and more.
ZenSpace Instant Set-Up

Once location is confirmed, ZenSpace sets up your brand experience in a couple days and takes care of all operations & maintenance.

Want to learn more about ZenSpace Brand solutions?
Download our 2022 ZenSpace Brand Guide or schedule a free demo call.

Click here to download your guide


Tap into a new wave of remote workers.

Place your brand when & where a new wave of business travellers and remote workers need you most. Our spaces combine the comfort of home with the productivity of office and the flexibility of work from anywhere. 


Want to learn more about our branding opportunities?

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